The Best Grills For BBQ Cooking

If you've seen these superb little grills when you're at someone's home or eating out, then why not get one yourself? The hibachi grill is a traditional type of compact Japanese cooking implement. It's used in restaurants, especially for teppanyaki and now more commonly for charcoal barbecues and sometimes for sushi.

Because of its small nature, modern BBQs are now called hibachis for convenience, but more simply because they are portable. They certainly do the job for cooking everything you need outdoors as with any gas grill.

Today the little grills use charcoal so provide a great taste to any food and are easy to get going and come in all types of sizes, but most are small. The cheaper versions will rust as they are not well made, whereas the cast iron alternatives last longer, but are heavier. Because they're so small, it's quick and easy to start a BBQ (almost as fast as a gas BBQ).


So popular now is the grill, that many restaurants specialize in this type of teppanyaki cooking where you can go for lunch or dinner. The chefs cook in front of you over a very hot plate, and you can have anything from shrimps and steak to many vegetarian options.

The tables may seat 10 or so people so you'll be with people you may not know, but it makes for an entertaining meal and is always cooked fresh to your liking. You'll also see first-hand the progress of your meal right there and then.

We have restaurant listings so you can choose a restaurant to experience hibachi cooking close to you.

Types and Styles

The most popular and well-known grill is a cast iron hibachi which is small, compact and portable and should only cost about $30. It's great if you are on your own or have a small family. It doesn't need much fuel to get it going and is great to take when camping or away for the weekend in your RV. It's been around for many years as we can remember these as children with our parents cooking out the back yard!

Another one people search for is the son of hibachi grill that folds out and effectively reveals two grill plates making even more of your food and time. It comes in a handy portable bag so like all these types of products; it's easy to carry around. And because it's cast iron, it makes for easy cleaning and is hygienic. So popular is this model, that there are dedicated websites online just to show you how to use it and provide some great recipes and accessories to make the best use from your grill.

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